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Sofia Maffei - Singing Lessons Vocal Coach
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Hi, I’m Sofia and I’m a musical theatre performer and songwriter in London, originally from Argentina. I’m a seasoned vocal coach offering singing lessons in London and online. 

As a performer, I have worked with numerous musical theatre companies through the years. Both on stage and in the recording studio. I’ve also worked as a backing and lead vocalist for bands and solo Studio Albums, Children’s Music and Cast Recordings in the UK, Spain and Latin America. My first EP was released in 2018 and I am currently working on a second edition.

Singing Lessons in London:


Vocal Coach specialised in the Speech Level Singing technique.


Like our hero Miss Ella Fitzgerald, we whole heartedly believe in the power music has to lift the spirit, free our creativity and teach us discipline. We also believe that everyone has in them the capacity for artistry. If you stumbled upon this website you are probably looking to explore that creativity in you. You got this!

At The Vocal Hub, we believe every student brings with them a new and exciting set of skills, and we tailor our lessons to each person’s specific needs. Our sessions focus not only on getting your voice in top form and using a healthy technique, but also interpretation and stage confidence, which are KEY for anyone wishing to develop their singing skills.

We teach at ALL levels, from the utmost beginners to the professionals out there looking to hone their skills. We offer lessons ONLINE and are really excited to resume IN-PERSON lessons  at our Studio in Camden, North London. Please email us for more details.

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we offer singing lessons in London & online

There’s something for everyone! Read more about our lessons, bundle deals and discounts. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about our services.

Singing Lessons (All Levels)

Whether you’ve been singing for a long time or you’re just starting now, the Speech Level Singing Technique (or SLS) will be able to help you achieve your goals. We will be covering everything from  breathing techniques, resonators, placements, range, vocal hacks and much more! You will also take with you a wide variety of exercises to do in between lessons.

55 minute lessons

Audition Coaching (All Levels)

Auditions can be nerve racking, we’ve all been there. But don’t worry! Audition skills can be worked on and there are tonnes of techniques to help you face them. These coaching sessions can be structured in two ways: with audition material tailored to you and provided by the teacher or with a specific audition in mind and material brought by the student.

30 minute lessons

Singing Lesson BUNDLES

Take charge of your voice with us!
Learn to sing online or in-person and make use of our discounts with the Singing Lesson BUNDLES.

The singing lesson bundles come in packages of 5 or 10 lessons. Read more about our booking, pricing and cancellation policy here.

Bundles must be booked via email.

Audition Coaching BUNDLES

Audition Prep is best when it’s shared. We want to make sure your next audition is the best it can be! Don’t miss out on our Auditon Coaching BUNDLES.

The audition coaching bundles come in packages of 5 or 10 sessions.  Read more about our booking, pricing and cancellation policy here.

Bundles must be booked via email.

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our vocal method

We are trained in the world renowned Speech Level Singing method, which helps to connect the different registers of the voice. We provide singing lessons in London and online using this tried and tested method. SLS was created by Seth Riggs and has been used by more than 135 Grammy Winning singers and Broadway performers, including the likes of Barbra Streisand, Prince, Nina Simone and Michael Jackson, to name a few.


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Based in Camden, North London, England.





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